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Bedroom Furniture

This is especially true for bedroom furniture. Your bedroom is the area where you spend most of your restful and relaxing moments. Whatever furniture choice you make for this room should reflect contentment, comfort and relaxation, but also be tasteful and stylish. And it should not be hard to accomplish this task, as there is a wide selection of furniture for the bedroom on the market at the present time.
You can purchase any style of furniture that appeals to you and fits in with the decor of your home. For example, if you like contemporary and modern furniture, you might decide on a bedroom set with accent pieces of chrome and glass. And ever-popular wood is abundantly available in bedroom sets, from oak and cherry to maple and mahogany. Any type of wood grain that you find attractive is most likely available. Also, when you purchase an entire suite of bedroom furniture at one time, you know that everything will match.
But what if you do not need an entire set of furniture. You can also choose individual pieces if your bedroom is just lacking in a few items. You might need an extra nightstand, or maybe an armoire for winter clothing. As long as you choose items that will fit in with your existing furniture, purchasing individual pieces will work very well for you.
You may also want to buy a different type of bed to go along with the furniture you already own. Again, you will have much from which to choose. You might like an ornate sleigh bed or an old-fashioned canopy bed. Even if your tastes are very simple, you will be able to find something that will appeal to you. And when your bedroom is nicely decorated, you will enjoy it all the more.
Positioning your bed properly can allow you to sleep better, be healthier and attract prosperity and love. The head of your bed always needs to be at a wall but never under a window or a beam and it should not line directly up with the door. It's easiest to position your bed first and then everything else will fall into place.
Dresser, chests, desks and chairs should be placed in a way that balances a room. You should never have several tall items on one wall and then nothing on another and don't be afraid to make use of corners with a corner desk, table, gel fireplace or simply turn your dresser on an angle.

Feng Shui Bedroom Design Tips

Feng Shui is a unique combination of science and art that focuses on enriching people's lives in different ways. Feng Shui principles can be employed in the home in various ways. One of these ways is to use these principles while designing your bedroom to create a calm and serene environment that will contribute to a better living experience.
Amongst the most important things when it comes to Feng Shui bedroom design tips is the placement of the bed. Experts suggest that the bed should be kept in the command position. However, in order to understand what the command position is it is imperative to get better understanding of the philosophy itself.
Feng Shui has its roots as an ancient spiritual discipline. The philosophy is to make use of elements that will affect your internal landscape as well as your physical environment. These principles can be employed in your home as well as your office space. The objective is to nourish the heart and soul of the people that will be operating in the environment. This is done by harnessing the positive energy of the universe while blocking out the negative energy.
According to the philosophy, everything in the universe has a certain degree of energy known as "Chi". The manner in which you arrange things in your home has an effect on the flow of this energy. It is important to have things in the right order and of the right materials in order to ensure that this energy flows in a continuous and harmonious manner so as to create a conducive environment. This is especially true when it comes to the bedroom.
Since the bedroom is where you'll be spending your nights, you need to have a proper balance of the two opposite energies known as Yin and Yang. With regards to the placement of the bed, experts in Feng Shui suggest that the bed should be placed opposite the door but not right in front of it. This is what is known as the command position. The best command position is the point that is farthest away from the entrance on a diagnosed access. This will allow you to benefit from the flow of energy that travels through your bedroom.
It is also recommended to have a solid wall behind your bed as you place it in the command position. This will allow you to have a visual command of the entire bedroom space enabling you to get a comprehensive grasp of life in a symbolic manner. Placing your bed in line with the door is not recommended as it exposes you to excessive energy.

Exciting Ideas For Bedroom Decoration

Merge some styles- one can make an effort to decorate the bedroom combing both the traditional as well as modern ideas. Add an element of traditional culture with a natural or floral printed covers of bed sheets or pillows and blankets. This will exhibit some amount of flexibility on your wall decoration as well as the table pieces present in the room. You can add modernized aspect by using some stylish art form, wall papers, murals, etc. Always keep a note that traditional designs contain patterns and colors whereas contemporary style incorporates a solid and smooth color feel. This furniture comes in different structures and design. You do not have to choose only one kind, like the antique pine furniture for example. You have plenty of choices when it comes to the design and structure of antique furniture. You may have the dark brown, cinnamon lacquer, or maybe mahogany lacquer.
Black and white decorative theme- Though it is a very common idea, it has awesome effects. Decorate your entire bedroom only in black and white combination. It is a bit complex task filled with fun energy. A black bed sheet with white pillow covers or vice versa. The walls of the bedroom can be decorated in white and black photos of your family, friends, and kids in black frame. Add black and white combination of collage paintings, charcoal paintings or any other art form on your walls to make it appear superior. Furnishing a bedroom adds to the feeling of comfort and relaxation. It also amazes you with its wonderful look. It is common, nowadays, for Antique Bedroom Furniture that has a touch of gold and nightstand that has mirror with it.
So that you can have a bedroom design that is balanced, incorporate plain areas as well as printed ones. The plain parts can be the wall, ceiling and the floor. The printed parts can be assigned to the room accessories like pillows, the bedspread, the lampshade and a few more items. Another thing that you can try is to invert the patterns that you have used. Instead of having the plain colors on your wall, ceiling or floor, you can make these parts have prints on them. And so, your accents will be items that have a single color. Sometimes, mixing them up will likewise work.

Floral Bedroom Designs

A lot of people may think that a floral decor is ancient and needs to go the way of the dinosaur. But, if done right you can take this once old style look that used to be even too dated for your grand parents, and flash it up so that you are able to give it a beautiful modern look to it. A contemporary and floral design are almost never used together because with floral it is just so simple to turn it in to something that is just so utterly tacky but, when done well your bedroom will end up being the focal point of all your friends and neighbors conversation. One great tool for scuff marks on the wall is the scuff remover. Not only does it do a great job and very inexpensive at only a dollar a pack, it is also simple to use just scrub and wipe away and you are done. For the wood furniture instead of purchasing wood finisher it is much cheaper to simply use some of your extra vegetable oil that is left lying around. Although this is mainly used for cooking it can work wonders on your wooden furnishings by bringing back their old luster and making them look new again. By using this simple technique you can make those scratches all but invisible.
Contemporary or modern styles are very simple and yet very hard to follow through with. These styling require a less is more approach, this way the things you like seem to stand out just that much more than they would with a room that is over crowded with tacky decor. That is why when I decorate I try to only implement three of the different designs schemes that I am trying to go with at that time. A good example of this would be if I am trying to decorate the bedroom area would first paint the walls with an off white yellow than put a border up that has a floral print. At the end of a busy, stressful, hectic day nothing is better than having a peaceful and serene bedroom to relax in. Too often people neglect this element of their bedroom design. If you don't design and decorate your bedroom in such a way that is the perfect relaxing getaway, then you aren't doing yourself any favors. Often, the people that have the hardest time accomplishing this are those with a smaller sized bedroom. Well you will be pleased to know that there are ways to decorate a small bedroom that will reward you with the solace you seek.

Modern Bedroom Design Tips

Renovating the room starts from re-coloring the walls. One way of adding modernity to a room is to try variations of one particular shade on the different walls of the room, for example shades of brown or different hues of purple. Try coloring the wall behind your bed in the darkest shade of the color that you've chosen and go for lighter shades on the other three walls of the room. You can also try two shades of one color on one particular wall. Giving different wall colors in a room makes the room look modern and different from what your friends and family members endorse. In fact being different is also part of being modern and fashionable. If you have guests to stay over frequently they will appreciate the effort that you put forth in order to make them feel safe and comfortable. There is nothing that makes a guest leave faster than if they cannot feel comfortable. When you prepare your guest room you want to keep it bright and clean looking. Don't clutter the room in extra stuff you just don't know where else to put it.
Guests do not always show up when scheduled. A lot of times it is done last minute. Keeping the room bright and cheerful looking will always be inviting to your guests. Arrange the bed against the wall so when your guests walk into the room the bed will be the first thing they see. But you want to avoid putting the bed under windows in the winter time. If you have a twin bed in your guest room you will only need one night stand. If you have a double to king sized bed you need to have a night stand on each side of the bed. The only thing you need on the table is a lamp and one alarm clock. The dresser should be somewhere else in the room away from the bed.
Now coming to furnishing the room, buy fabrics, rugs and mats that are simple in look and design. Don't go for fancier, loud, old-fashioned designs and patterns. Geometrical and zig-zag patterns are the call of the day. Go for modern designs that go well and blend well with geometrical patterns. The furniture that you put in the room also holds equal importance. Go for furniture that has a sleek, simple framework and simple lines. Dark wood furniture is the best to use today. Avoid buying furniture that talks about curved lines. This is one of the most-used old-fashioned furniture looks. In brief, go for furniture and furniture designs that are sleek, simple and clean in design.
After working out the wall colors, furnishing and furniture for your modern bedroom, now come the accessories that add the extra touch and fashion to your room. Don't go overboard with accessories. Buy long-lined glass vases and flowers with single buds on each stem to add length to your room. Choose some eye-catching accents and florescence for your room but keep them soothing and not glaring. If you must add an artwork on a wall, remember to not overdo it by putting an artwork on every wall.

Girls Bedroom Design

Creating your room design is one thing that can be both exciting and draining. All people have their own preference when it comes to colors and the furniture to put inside their room. Each has his or her own personality to match the ambience of the room.
It can be exciting to create your room according to your style and can be draining as it requires a lot of effort especially if you do not have experience in decorating or designing. Girls in particular are very cautious of what their room should look like. It should be their comfort place and that is why they spend a lot of effort in grooming it.
There are lots of girls bedroom ideas one can use. Usually, girls like the color pink. Although people say that pink is a male color, most girls prefer their things to be pink. If you are a girly type of person, you may choose pink as the base of your room color. Others prefer colors that are related to pink such as lavender and powder blue. These colors are also cool to look at since they are relaxing.
They are calm colors so whenever you get into a room with any of these colors, you feel calm. Some like strong colors. This goes out to girls with strong personalities. Strong colors would include black and red. They can be matched with white as well for some balance.
Some people who do not know much about design or too busy to think about it experience a hard time in picking up the right things for a girls bedroom. There are lots of things to plan about. Curtains, pillows and sheets, wall decors, and so on. There are options that one can take in order to make life easier. You can consult an interior decorator and choose among his or her designs.
There are also stores who have a lot of styles and colors of stuff to choose from. These stores have specific items for bedrooms and other rooms of the house. You can either drop by the stores or buy online from trusted dealers. They have a user friendly website where one can choose which furniture or items to get and pay them through credit card.Sometimes they also have sales to those online, not available in store. Always look for a email newsletter or way of staying in touch, which is great for sales and special offers.

Japanese Bedroom Designs

After a stressful and busy day, wouldn't it be nice to come home to and rest in a quiet and uncluttered bedroom? This feel is what a Japanese bedroom gives. These Zen designs are proven to provide the sense of tranquility and relaxation that you need. Here are some Japanese bedroom designs that you may use for your own bedroom.
The first item that is vital in any Japanese bedroom is a low platform bed, which may or may not have a frame. Bed frames are usually slanted or curved. The bed is usually placed in the center of the room or facing a window. Windows are usually big and are left open to allow natural light inside the room.
The keyword for Japanese design is minimalism. There are no frills or unnecessary d├ęcor. What you see are clean lines and solid dark colors. The wooden bed, which is usually dark brown or black in color, is accentuated by white linen sheets and some pillows with solid dark colors like rust, red, green or purple. And because Japanese furniture is multi-functional, these beds may also provide additional storage. Pull-out drawers are sometimes placed under the bed.
Because there are not too many furniture inside a Japanese bedroom, each piece is essential. What you often see in the room is a dresser, an armoire or wardrobe, and a nightstand. Sometimes there is a tiny tea table and a chair. If more storage is needed, a "tansu" or chest is placed. These chests are usually made of light wood such as elm, kiri or woven bamboo. What's more, these chests are usually stackable, so as not occupy a lot of space. The furniture also serves a dual purpose. The dresser has drawers for storage purposes. The nightstand also serves as a table.
Another quality of the Japanese bedroom is harmony. That is why each furniture piece is of the same color and type of wood, like mahogany or cherry. Aside from achieving harmony among the furniture pieces, there is also the characteristic of being in harmony with nature. You can place a bonsai or some potted plant in a corner or on top of the nightstand, or a painting with waterscape or scenery may be mounted on the wall. To complete the look, walls are painted with a light color like cream or yellow.

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